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Pens 2019

Where memories come to life!


Available as Two Individual Units or One Large Unit

The Brookside Unit

The Brookside unit is located on the west side of the structure. This unit has two bedrooms,  kitchen, craft studio/living room, loft, and a handicapped accessible bathroom. The Brookside unit is for small groups of up to six guests. This is the unit that is used for our "No Frills" weekend package or as part of the "Grand" weekend package.  

The Lakeside Unit

The Lakeside unit is the larger unit and is located on the east side of the building and over the studio. Lakeside has three bedrooms with two twin beds, a slumber room with six twin beds a loft, kitchen, large dining room, two full baths and a day room just for relaxing or exercise. Lakeside is used for the Deluxe package and will accommodate up to 12 guests.

The Studio

The Studio sits between the Brookside and Lakeside units. Located on ground level, it is a breeze to get setup quickly at your favorite hobby. Additional information can be found in the information section.

Our Friends

Pens & Needles Lakeside really appreciates our friends. It is time to meet some of them.

Send us your group picture so that we can share it!

The Property

Pens & Needles Lakeside shares its property with The Meadows on Lind, our outdoor wedding venue. The property is located on the south side of Lind lake just a few miles south of Highway 10 in Detroit Lakes. The property contains many acres of tree-lined meadows and private access to the lake.


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